MULTIVOICE Heavy Duty Single Headset

MULTIVOICE Heavy Duty Single Headset
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Heavy Duty brand headsets are certified to Military Specifications and designed to defeat even the loudest and worst environments. They feature a padded over-the-head strap, as well as cloth-covered ear seals, to provide supreme comfort. The flexible, noise-canceling microphone can easily be adjusted from left to right making this headset the perfect combination of comfort, reliability and protection. (Single-ear mode.)


  • Mil-Spec certified
  • Flexible, noise-canceling boom microphone  
  • Certified noise reduction rating: 24dB
  • Operating temperature: -22 ̊—167 ̊ F

MV-HEADSETS™ are optimized to work with MULTIVOICE’s Wireless Mesh-Network Intercoms™ in any and all conditions. Built to military-grade specifications, these headsets will withstand anything you can withstand—from high-noise environments to extreme weather conditions. If regulations require dual-ear protection, we’ve got you covered. Or if situational awareness is critical (a preference among many Football coaches), we offer single-ear solutions too. If you need a headset to fit comfortably under a hard hat or helmet, try the Profile brand headset with its adjustable over-the-head strap. Conversely, for something a little more discreet and lightweight, a Hurricane brand headset may be just the right solution for you.



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