Used in 1500+ Football Programs

Shadowman is now being used across 1500+ football programs across the United States.



"I have been very impressed with Shadowman JUNIOR’s functionality for teaching fundamentals on a moving target for my son’s youth football team, with or without pads. I have been equally impressed at the collegiate level with using Shadowman PRO; it gives us the opportunity to work contact drills with our players being physical and explosive in their ‘space tackling’ without all the player to player collisions "

Craig Naivar

Assoc. Head Coach

University of Houston

"Shadowman made our program more effective in tackling & blocking, with truly unique game speed reps and drills, from an equipment standpoint it is the easiest equipment to work with. Shadowman and it’s accessories are now a staple in the Stanford practice, we use it every practice."

Mike Lane

Football Equipment Manager

Stanford University

"With Shadowman in our program, we’ve gone from 3-8 to 11-2 this season. In 2015 our defense posted our first 2 shutouts in three seasons; we also held two other opponents to less than 10 points. We’re no longer missing 12+ tackles a game and we created more turnovers than ever!"

Clint Harper

Head Coach

Marshall High School, TX

"By week 6 or 7, guys can tired of tackling in practice, but with Shadowman it took away the need for two guys hitting each other and kept our guys fresher throughout the season. At every level, from youth to collegiate, it reduces the risk of collision, builds confidence, teaches the right technique. It’s half the work for a coach but double the reward. "

Mike Jones

Head Coach

Lincoln University, MO

"You can teach better striking with Shadowman and with the arms accessory, you have more options. Most D-Line drills, the QB is static and that never happens in a game. I’m not going to put my QB back there so the ability for a player to come off and hit a moving target with arms is huge."

Mark Speckman

Offensive Coordinator

Lawrence University, WI

"Shadowman helped our team go from an 8-5 quarter-finalist, to a 14-0 state champion. Our players even pointed out their own improvement in film review, and attributed their tackling success to training with Shadowman. Shadowman is the ideal tool for teaching form tackling and the hawk tackling method; Shadowman is not just a defensive tool, it’s extremely versatile. We used Shadowman on offense, to simulate defensive linemen on kick-out blocks, pocket contraction in 7-on-7, and zone defenders in the passing game. It can even be used as a tire pull in speed training. Shadowman is a multifaceted tool that will benefit your program in many ways "

Reagan Smith

Offensive Coordinator

Logansport High School, LA 2016 Louisiana 1A State Champions

"I have seen tremendous improvement in our ability to tackle in the open field, close confine, and angle tackles. Shadowman in my opinion is a MUST HAVE for every football team. The set up is very simple and quick, the impact and functionality is incredible, and durability of the units is tops!"

DeChon Burns

Head Coach

Linfield Christian High School, CA

"Shadowman was a big reason we won the 2015 South Carolina 5A State Championship"

Brent LaPrad

Defensive Coordinator

Fort Dorchester High School, SC

"Shadowman enables coaches to dedicate more time to teaching proper tackling technique without player-to-player contact. "

Nick Inzerello

Senior Director of Football Development

USA Football