“I was skeptical to wear the SG helmet because it was new and I didn’t want to try something different before starting my first NFL training camp.  The decision to wear a SG helmet was the best I have ever made.  After playing years of football, I had grown to expect a sore neck and slight headache during the first few hitting practices of the season.  But with my SG helmet, that neck pain and headache never came.  My SG helmet has made playing football more comfortable.  I will never go back to wearing another helmet.”  – Tyler Horn, Houston Texans Offensive Lineman

Mr. Simpson has taken the football helmet and applied some non-traditional components to make the SG helmet. The SG helmet Kelvlar/Carbon shell & proprietary foam liner is the lightest helmet on the market. Our players feel the strength & light weight of the Kevlar/Carbon shell helps them to be quicker and in better hitting positions during practice and games.” – Tony Caruso, Equipment Manager, University of Dayton Flyers

“One thing you can be sure of is that, if Bill Simpson puts his name on it, you can bet it will be quality.” – Tom Moore, Arizona Cardinals Offensive Consultant

“What Bill Simpson has done is put 40 years of safety innovation in manufacturing motor sports helmets into the most modern and innovative football helmet made today.” – Dr. Stephen Olvey, M.D. at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

“Bill Simpson has done more for drivers in impact and fire than anybody else in history.  When I had my accident at Phoenix in 1980, I sent my helmet in to the foundation that sets the standard for the industry, and they told me a helmet of any less integrity would certainly have produced a fatality.” – Johnny Rutherford, Three-Time Indianapolis 500 Winner

“I am an architect and play football as a hobby, so I need to protect my brain. Last year I took a hit and received a concussion. I was out of play for a week. This year, I took a nearly identical hit into a wall while wearing the SG Helmet. I knew that I took a big hit but didn’t even have so much as a headache. It was at that moment that I decided I would not ever wear another football helmet. “   John Jackson III, FB, Continental Indoor Football League

"Zach loved the helmet not only is it lighter and he felt faster with the helmet on, Truthfully one of the biggest thing I saw he felt cooler, after practice there wasn't as much sweat on his hair as there is usually, he usually looks like he jumped in a pool. compared to his xenith helmet. He really enjoys the helmet and actually after practice usually is the first one to take off his helmet off, he said he didn't need to he barely felt it on his head , It is a perfect fit , he said the helmet barely moves when he hits someone which I have seen a problem in the past with the other helmets especially on defense when someone tries to block him the helmet will move and he will have to try to adjust the helmet because it came down into his eyes. Or something like that. Awesome helmet I am recommending to the Board. Also one of my assistant coaches saw the helmet and he said that he son who is a freshman at a college in north Carolina uses the same one and he loves it too. "  Kirk, HS Football Dad in Sarasota, FL

"FIVE STARS! Sam loves his. Once you get it to fit right its a dream. Half the weight and hasn't felt a hit yet this year. Worth the $."  Warren Ness, HS Football Dad in CA

"Clay likes his SG helmet and tells me it is much more comfortable to wear that the Schutt & Riddells he's worn in previous years.   Just yesterday he gave me an unsolicited quote. "Dad, I really like this helmet. It's so light that I sometimes forget I even have a helmet on. It doesn't squeeze my head like the other ones and I think I play faster not having all that weight on my neck."   Mark Hulsebus, 11yr old son Clay wears SG Helmet

"SG helmets rock! I am a rookie playing in a women's league and was in the market for a helmet. I ordered an SG online but wasn't satisfied with the fit after a few practices. I called the company and they offered to meet me at my practice with a few already built to make sure I was comfortable with their product. The customer service has been outstanding. And the weight of the helmet is one of the selling points. No headaches or stiff necks. I will be recommending SG to anyone in the market for a helmet."   Leslie Nance, TE for Indy Crash of Women’s Football Alliance

"My name is Laura Satterfield and I am the mother of Austin Satterfield.  Austin has played football since he was 8 yrs old, and he has played on both sides of the ball from the Line to Fullback and Linebacker.  He is now 6' tall and weighs in about 200 lbs so he is virtually the biggest one on the team.  He plays for the defending 1A State Champs for NC, the Murphy Bulldogs.  Austin has been very active growing up and played football every year for the last 9 years, so with all of this activity he has received 4-6 concussions documented and undocumented ranging from slight to one that was very severe and that one is the reason we are telling this story.  We were in playoffs making our way back down the road to the state game, and in round 3(two games before the regionals) Austin was playing defense, going for the tackle, and he and his own man hit so hard that he was dazed, confused, and everything short of blacking out.  We could tell after the game that his eyes were glazed over and he looked out of it, and was talking slower than usual.  Our coaches make the boys take a baseline test for concussions so they can test them when they take a hit.  Austin had a baseline on memory and reaction time which was well below the perfect score of 100%, however, when he took the test after his concussion he scored a whopping 3%! So, he would basically have his finger on the keyboard and when the question would come up he was almost a second behind!  He had to miss one week of school and stay in the bed in the dark room with no stimulation whatsoever. He couldn't be on the phone watch TV or even listen to music. We thought his football career was over, but our coaches heard of a new helmet being made just for this reason.  Our team won their game and we were off to the Regionals and Austins helmet was measured for his head and shipped within the week.  He got to practice with it for three days and was still scared of it because it did not have the world recognition that the competitors had.  He played reluctantly in the Regional game and we could tell he did not trust this new helmet yet.  We done our research and learned of Mr. Simpsons story and I showed him where some professional players were already wearing this helmet.  We won that game and were on our way to the State Championship.  After that game I heard Austin say something he had never said before in his whole life after each football practice or game, "I don't have a headache".  Wow!  It was too good to be true, could this helmet be that great? Or did he just not get hit hard or do a lot that game?  So, after watching the film of the game we saw Austin go for a tackle and actually land on his head!  We were believers and Bill Simpson and Chip Ganassi were our heroes.  Although we lost our state game that year, we gained assurance knowing that while Austin has one last year of high school left to play, he will be protected from any future concussions.  Thank you for giving my son one last chance for a state title and his Senior year and he used to go through a bottle of Motrin/Aleeve every few weeks or so, but he doesn't even take them anymore because there has not been one headache since he placed your helmet on his head."  Laura Satterfield, HS football mom


"I’ve been active in the sports industry as a player, coach and software developer for almost 50 years. Shadowman is one of the most innovative football training tools I’ve seen in my lifetime." – Randy Bukowski, Quik Scout Technologie

"It’s a hell of a tool, a tool that can be used at all levels of Football. Less injuries, less impact and fundamentally sound."  – Nathan Benjamin,  Head Coach, West Coast Lightning Women's Tackle Football

"I have seen tremendous improvements in our ability to tackle in open field, close confines and angle tackles. Shadowman, in my opinion, is a MUST HAVE for every Football team. The set up is very simple and quick, the impact and functionality is incredible and the durability of the units is tops."  – DeChon Burns, Head Football Coach, Linfield Lions

“I am seriously impressed with Shadowman. When we first open it, my players laughed and said they would burst it in ten minutes. Two hours later we had run more tackling drills then we had been able to in our last three sessions, and without a single injury. Shadowman has improved my players tackling immensely, and it is very easy to use.”  – Ben Herod, Head Football Coach, Filton Pride

“Shadowman has increased the quality of practice in lots of ways. It has provided our coaches and players with multiple new applications, but for me the primary thing is that it allows players to practice tackling in a realistic and safe way. Another thing is that it is easy to set-up, and when it’s deflated it makes it easy to transport and store.”  – Charlie McMillan, Head Football Equipment Manager, San Jose State University Football.   AS USED BY SAN JOSE SPARTANS, MILITARY BOWL CHAMPS 2012, #24 BCS

"The Shadowman Tackling dummies have proved in a short time to be one of the best tools available to our coaching staff for teaching proper tackling techniques, while allowing our players to operate at a game speed tempo."  – Jim Tsilimos, Head Coach, Lisbon David Anderson High School

"In my 28 years of coaching football at middle school, high school and college level. The Shadowman tackling system is the greatest innovation since the forward pass. It brings game situation tackling to the practice field. Shadowman is a moving target just like a ball carrier, but without injury risk of live contact. Programs that want a competitive edge should make Shadowman a part of their practice routine."  – Mark H. Montgomery, Asst. Game Director, WV North - South Football Classic

“In our 1st practice with Shadowman, we had our defensive players use Shadowman, normally we can’t go full speed against each other in practice, we are a new team and don’t have a large squad, so we always have to be careful with the amount in full contact in practice to avoid injury, however thanks to the Shadowman, we had more full speed tackles in one defensive practice, than we have had for the whole of pre season training combined.”  – Ben McMahon,  Head Football Football Coach, LaNucia Spartans

“Seeking ways to make sure his players have excellent technique while minimizing injury, Teevens discovered Shadowman.”   Buddy Teevens, Head Football Coach Dartmouth College


"Had a player hit square in the side of his head las Saturday.  Low 80's fastball above the ear, didn't phase him!  Dropped the bat and jogged to 1st.  The helment appeared to absorb the contact, as the ball did not bounce far.  Same player was hit again last night with a curveball.  Not near as hard, but looked like he just put his head down in front of it.  I'll talk to him today about getting out of the way.  Hope he doesn't have too much confidence in the helmet protecting him."  – Head Coach Mike Eck of Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, using the Marucci Hi Speed helment fortified with Unequal Technologies Military Grade Composite

“I think this has worked really well throughout our program.  My two boys wear the product as well and I’m very happy with ALL of the results.”  – Jim Malinowski Assist Coach Bloomington Central Catholic HS, IL

“We went from 22 Concussions to only 5 concussions this season…what a huge difference your technology makes in our program.”  – Jeff Carlberg HC Centenial HS Roswell, GA

“No major head/other injuries this season; they worked through an adjustment period of having this in their helmet and ultimately enjoyed it.”  – Scott Horner HC Columbia HS, IL

“Impressed and love the technology; will encourage more players to armor up this season.”  – James Morrow HC Harlem HS Rockford, IL

“We loved wearing your products in the helmet—it worked out great for our program as we went from 12 concussions last year to only 1 this year!"  – Tom Oppoelt HC Mar-Mac HS Monona, IA

“Everyone wearing the product enjoyed it and will continue and will encourage more to wear it this season.”  – Matt Lynch HC Marengo HS, IL

“Loved the products—My own son (7th grade) wears Unequal Head to Toe, will encourage more players to use this season.”  – Anonymous Parent

“We had all 72 players wearing the head protection, 52 players wearing the viper girdle and 18 players wearing the armored shirts.  This technology is amazing and we absolutely believe in it. It’s given us an edge and when recruiting as we discuss we’re being proactive in protecting the players in our program.”  – Jeff Thorne Assist HC/Offensive Coordinator North Central College Naperville, IL

“We tried 6 GYROs in our program this season and the kids loved them…we will be doing everything we can to get all 55 players in the Head Protection products this season.”  – David Deluzio HC Notre Dame HS Calgary, Canada *Alberta Bowl Provincial Champion

“Worked really well; want us to come back and outfit as many kids as possible—will encourage parents/players to wear Unequal equipment."  – Derek Leonard HC Rochester HS, IL *4A State Champion

“I really like these products and the technology; I want all of our kids wearing this for next season. 2 ordered it and didn’t wear it and got concussions.  One bought it after concussing and once cleared put it in the helmet and played injury free the rest of the season.”  – Scott Berge HC Rock Falls HS, IL

“No complaints, kids loved it!  Parents are asking when we’ll be back and we’d live you to outfit everyone that’s interested in your products.”  – Ken Leonard HC/Athletic Director Sacred Heart Griffin, IL *5A State Champion/IL Coaching HOF

"One player earlier injured began wearing Head Protection after being cleared without re-concussing. “This worked really well.  My 7th grade son wears these products; I want my entire team wearing it and we need you to come back to present to the parents again.”  – Darrell Crouch HC Washington HS, IL

“I wanted to write you to thank you for your turning me on to the GYRO from Unequal Sports.  I believe it was in July that we first talked about your products.  I was skeptical at first, but was curious.  After looking into the products and the price was reasonable I decided to give them a try. I am a youth football coach.  My son was in a game last weekend where he was hit, turned around and hit the back of his helmet to the turf very hard.  He was on the ground for 1-2 minutes and said that he actually "blacked-out" for a few seconds.  After he came over to the sidelines he was checkout by a trainer.  The trainer put my son through several tests dealing with memory and balance and my son did well with them all.  He did not play another down that day as a precaution and has not had any symptoms like headaches or being dizzy.  I attribute my son not having a concussion to the GYRO.  This is a great product and my son will continue to wear the GYRO under his football and lacrosse helmets from here on.  Thank you for bringing this product to my attention."  – Ted Kennedy Youth Football Coach/Parent

“Thank you for touching base. I love the product and I believe many families within the program will be excited to learn more.  My plan is to introduce the information at our next booster meeting on Feb. 10. After that, I will contact you and we can decide how to proceed."  – Anonymous Parent