No matter what sport you’re playing, perfect practice makes perfect. And in the Up-Tempo gameplay of Football today, practice minutes are constantly counted, game tempo is continually gauged and play calling is being honed into a science. Coaches’ communication systems (headsets) should facilitate the Up-Tempo style but many football teams cannot practice like they play because their systems are too complicated to set up on a daily basis. MULTIVOICE’s founder created some of the first wireless coaching communications systems in the 1990s. Now he’s created the MV-AUDIBLE™ Wireless Coaching Intercom™—the easiest setup of any coaching communications system. With no Base Station and a complete setup in minutes, MV-AUDIBLE is perfect for practice, for in-game play and for taking on the road. The standard wireless comms system allows up to 17 coaches the ability to speak simultaneously and handsfree both up in the press box and down on the field. 


MULTIVOICE delivers unsurpassed technologies that allow mobile groups of fearless individuals in rigorous environments to communicate with each other wirelessly and without using their hands.


Since their initial deployment during World War II, the Walkie-Talkie (and its cousin the Handie-Talkie), have proven invaluable in delivering critical, real-time wireless communications for millions of users. But since then? They haven’t changed much. True, radio intercoms have become smaller and their range has increased, but beyond that, hardly anything has changed. But over 70 years later, walkie-talkie technology is still confined by one major barrier—you have to push and hold a button to talk. MULTIVOICE introduces a new approach to real-time wireless communications. For the first time, MULTIVOICE technology allows for simultaneous many-to-many communications—all without the need to push and hold buttons.


The MV-FUSION unites Wireless Mesh-Network Intercoms™ with long-range, Push-to-Talk analog or digital radios and/or Cellular Phones to enhance your comms capabilities and reach in the process. Think of it as the glue that binds all your communication networks together. The MV-FUSION can interoperate with networks of MULTIVOICE intercoms, your own PTT radios or cellular networks.

The MV-FUSION™ allows anyone with a MULTIVOICE Intercom the ability to connect to PTT or Cellular Networks. This means that multiple groups can be connected and have the ability to each listen and talk with one another at the same time through their already established radio and cellular networks.


MV-HEADSETS™ are optimized to work with MULTIVOICE’s Wireless Mesh-Network Intercoms™ in any and all conditions. Built to military-grade specifications, these headsets will withstand anything you can withstand—from high-noise environments to extreme weather conditions. If regulations require dual-ear protection, we’ve got you covered. Or if situational awareness is critical (a preference among many Football coaches), we offer single-ear solutions too. If you need a headset to fit comfortably under a hard hat or helmet, try the Profile brand headset with its adjustable over-the-head strap. Conversely, for something a little more discreet and lightweight, a Hurricane brand headset may be just the right solution for you.


MULTIVOICE’s technologies currently revolve around the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) wireless communications frequencies of 902—928MHz in a mixture of patented, patent-pending and trade secret inventions, including U.S. Patents 8,681,663 and 8,795,377). By utilizing FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access), TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum and select proprietary wireless communications methodologies, MULTIVOICE enables real-time, simultaneous, secure and hands-free wireless audio communications among group members on a robust network. This many-to-many communication is called Full-Multiplex™ as opposed to one-to-many, or “duplex”, communications found in PTT and P25 radios.